kickin it old school

Last night I went to see Paul Luc with Kim (who got the cd, and all the bandmembers signed it). Then we went out for some more drinking and met up with a friend. Tonight one of our friends is turning 21, so that should be a good time as well. I also started on my slow attempt to get back in shape. I went swimming at Oliver Bath House for an hour today. An hour is pitiful, but I’m out of shape, so hopefully the more I go, the better I’ll be able to do.

To anyone out there who has an Ipod classic, who used to have one of the older revs, does the UI seem to run slowly to you? I was playing with one at the apple store the other day and it seemed to react really slowly. The music interface on the Ipod touch is definitely one of the most refined ones I’ve seen, but 16GB just won’t cut it (unless I get one for free :). Seeing as the classic has twice the space and battery life as my aging Creative Zen Xtra (and I could use it as a raw hard drive) I’m actually considering getting one. I was disappointed that the Shadyside Apple Store had none of the 160GB ones out though, so I could compare just how much thicker it really was, but if they don’t have them out next time I’m sure I could ask them to get one for me. That store also doesn’t have the new mini power adapter for the MacBook Pros (but then, I guess most stores don’t have them yet). What I really need to do though (tech purchase wise) is to get a 2GB stick of ram for my laptop, not from Apple if I can pull it off (it’s sooo much cheaper that way).

As a random last side note, I’m somewhat impressed with Pittsburgh’s tech influence as of late. Not only did we have the most bloggers per capita, we have like 4 or 5 lifecasters on (maybe more), who knew?

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