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So, amazingly enough I’ve been doing some interesting things lately. You know, like when I was younger and went to see shows? Well, I saw a few different shows this past week. I also stopped by the Church Brew works tonight to see what Geek Night was like. Unfortunately, I didn’t really get to see anyone from work, or chat with any fellow geeks. I’ve also finally begun swimming again, on a semi-regular basis. This is definitely a Good Thing ™, since I’ve been growing more and more out of shape during my college tenure.

In other events-worth-mentioning news, Jury Duty was not so bad.. Nobody was called, I was let out after lunch, and I got a cheap meal and used CD for practically nothing (hooray for instant stipends). I also went to the Pitt Career Fair to represent my company yesterday. I saw a few old classmates, and met a few kids who were definitely excited to be free of college and join the real world to do cool stuff. Kind of like me, except for the free networking I had from my old jobs. I guess the only other thing of note lately is that I’ve been on a reading spree. I got 6 books for next to nothing from a free amazon gift certificate I got not too long ago. Now that I’ve finished the Harry Potter series, I’m moving on to several other sci-fi/fantasy series that I’ve always meant to check out, so hopefully they’ll hold my attention for the next month or so. If anything is particularly sweet i’ll be sure to drop a note about it on here. Until then, enjoy life, my few blog readers.

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