Monthly Archives: August 2007


Life has always had irrationally quick ups and downs for me. Most of which even my friends weren’t aware of. Lately I’ve been having trouble picking how i actually feel from hour to hour. Work is really exciting since I’m finally coding again, but it’s also really depressing since I’m sort of drowning in the depth of it. And I’m not just talking about the depth as far as there’s a lot of codebase, I mean it’s also deep; as in way more abstract and cleverly planned than I have ever dealt with. I won’t say I’m not up to the challenge, I just occasionally wish I could make things “work,” and get that instant gratification of “oooh look what I did!” This reminds me that I should be doing side projects, whether personal or open source, but after a day on the computer, I only want to be lazy or braindead when looking at a monitor, not trying to motivate myself to do work.

To that end, I’ve been trying to do more non-computer things to keep me at least from becoming lame. I just read “I hope they serve beer in hell” by Tucker Max. It was a short, easy to read, and mostly hilarious book. Perfect to get me back into reading, since I kind of dropped the ball on that when I started college. I’m hoping to read at least a few books a month from here on out, even if they are tech/work related. I want to watch more movies too, or go to {baseball,hockey} games if possible. I basically just am realizing that all I did in college was homework, party, concert-go, and piss around. Now that homework is gone and partying has become a different beast, pissing around is not what it used to be, and Pittsburgh frankly sucks as far as concerts go as of late. I guess all this faux-motivation will just have to evolve into something that turns a profit in terms of my need for interesting experiences.

locking in

So I finished two weeks of work. I actually committed a change late on friday (nevermind it didn’t change any programmatic behavior), so it’s like i’m a real developer again. I also got paid for my first week of work, so I can finally start paying my credit card back down. I kind of chose to let my debt grow (a lot) these past 2 months while I waited to start my new job. on the bright side, it looks like I might be able to pay it off before my promotional APR disappears.

I guess life is pretty much going ok. It’s nice to be able to get to know more people from work, and be able to hang out at fun places on the southside. I’ve been taking advantage of iTunes’ free tv shows, but I really really need to get an external harddrive so I can keep downloading, I can’t watch them fast enough to archive for more space. The apartment needs some stuff too, as well as some decorating. I guess I’ll just have to aim to get my credit card on its way back down while I spend whatever amount on the stuff I’ve been waiting a long time to get. Anyhow, I need to start getting ready for another night out, peace.

weekend update

I just patched my wordpress distro to 2.2.2, It’s kind of nice that they have their trac organized enough that they can post links to trac queries for the patches and changelists to be autogenerated. It kind of likens to my following of many open source projects through blogs and just watching the checkin/issue logs on something like trac.

There is good news for me this week though. I am supposedly for real actually on my way to graduating with my master’s degree in computer science. All of the paperwork is in flight, and grades have been put in, so it’s only a matter of time I have been told. When I get the certificate, everyone is invited over to celebrate. Also, I survived a week of work, and I’m closing in on the remaining large HR and new hire junk that everyone must deal with. The next step is my huge learning curve on the systems I’ll be working with. Good think I have a bunch of big, strong, tasty beers at home :)

By the way, what do you think about the new articles on MSN Censorship? If you ask me it’s pretty bad. It seems to fall into that net neutrality gray area (they’re doing it to protect people from virii, but, come on, a filter like that is hurting as much as it is helping!). Hopefully it can be resolved and people won’t have to tell people to go to sites like growl dot info.