the verdict is in

So tomorrow I have to respond to a Jury Summons (i.e. actually go downtown and sit around). Its unclear if I’ll actually get picked for a trial, or if it will last more than 10 minutes, who knows.. they make it all kind of vague. In some ways I don’t mind, I get paid by work to follow through with my civic duties, plus I guess I get a small stipend for going down there. Also, it’s a new experience, something i’m always up for. Plus, i’ll get some more time to do some reading while I wait, who knows, maybe i’ll even come close to finishing a book (8 hours is a long, long time).

There’s lots of fun concerts coming up in the next month (a surprise, I know!), so i’m definitely going to be checking all of those out soon. Just to name a few.. Paul Luc, Finger Eleven, Minus the Bear, Saves the Day, Johnette Napolitano, and a few more. If you know of another sweet show I don’t, let me know by leaving a comment or shooting me an email.

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