cut him!

Tonight I got to go see an (8 weeks!) early screener of the new movie Kite Runner. Having read the book two summers ago, I was actually fairly excited, since I had thoroughly enjoyed the book when I read it. First off, I would like to let anyone who has read the book know what you’re probably wondering, this movie is actually a pretty awesome adaptation of the book (in my opinion). Most of the important parts of the story were included, and the actors did a fairly intelligent job of indicating the emotional and implied storyline that you really only get from reading the novel. What does this mean? Well for me, it was a reasonable retelling of the story, with some fairly cool visuals, as well as some highly ethnic (and enjoyable) music. For those that haven’t read the book, I still think it’s a great movie that can stand on its own. Hopefully it’s good enough to entice you to read the book (you’ll absolutely love the book if you enjoy the movie).

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