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Wow, i managed to forget to update this thing already. I guess a quick update is in order.. Over the last few weeks i’ve gone to California for a business trip. I stayed in a small area called Menlo Park, which is just next to Stanford and Palo Alto (home of facebook). That was interesting, the weather was nice, but it was mostly work, so not all that much to write home about..

Aside from that trip, it’s been mostly the same old shit. Work, come home, hang out, whatever. I did manage to read books 5 and 6 of the Harry Potter series, and go see the fifth movie (which is an ok movie, but a horrible adaptation). I went out to a friend’s birthday soiree in shadyside, and a housewarming in the strip. Both events were nice, plus I don’t get to visit those parts of town much. Now that I’ve left Oakland, I pretty much stick around Southside. Let’s see, I also finally bought an external hard drive. It’s a nice 750GB from Western Digital which was on sale at Best Buy, I saw a metallic looking one for 75 dollars more at the Apple Store tonight, so ha! In other positive news, my “online transcript” at Pitt lists me as graduated with my Masters Degree. With that, I am officially done with school (in what I hope is, forever).

The remainder of this month looks to be not tooo boring. A friend is turning 21, Mad Mex is having several specials, I have potential Jury Duty, we’re getting more serious about furniture for our apartment, and I should finish dealing with post-graduation services loss. Oh, and maybe if I’m really cool, I’ll work on my domain (or at least my side project). Anyhow, that’s enough rambling for tonight.

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