mad friday

So yesterday I spent all day on campus working on my project. Bad News: I’ve been using benchmarks that run way longer than is necessary. Good News: I’m now using ones that finish in reasonable time periods. I accidentally ran all of the small ones last night, but since they all completed successfully under the several configurations that’s an ok sign. Anyways, after I finally came home around 9:30, we went out for drinks in Oakland.

Since I hadn’t eaten in like 7 hours, I decided to get half price at Mad Mex; after drinking half of a 220z margarita on an empty stomach. I was fine, I just ended up being too full to drink much the rest of the night. After Mex, we went to the “new” P-Cafe. I call it new because it just reopened and it looks totally different. It’s like, swank, now. I’m curious to see what they do with the second floor since that used to just be a part of the place to listen to bands and find some breathing room occasionally. They had decent prices on stuff though, where everyone except me had Dogfish Head 90min IPAs for $4, which is pretty awesome. I had a Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale since I hadn’t tried that brewery’s version yet, and it was pretty good I must say.

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