box it up

Tomorrow I move to the Southside… finally. When we first signed the lease I envisioned a nice, slow, “as necessary” preparation to the actual move (since there’s a month of overlap on our current apartment’s lease). Then I realized that the new place is better in almost every facet that an apartment can be, so I decided we should just move the earliest we could, instead of having to wait half the month. Soo, I’ve been packing the last 3 or 4 days straight, with nice breaks amongst friends to keep my sanity.

As it is, most of the apartment is now in boxes, excluding mainly the kitchen. But if somehow some stuff isn’t ready for the move tomorrow morning, it can be moved later because of the overlap. Two nights ago we went to a small house party and I was lucky enough to try a Caipirinha, a drink known by all in Brazil. It was decent, having a kind of feel like both Tequila and Vodka, with a nice tang to even it out; and it was strong :).  It’s nice being able to relax with friends who are down to earth, easy to get along with, and full of good stories. I get most of July to bum around before I start my job, but I have many (not so lofty) things I’d like to do before then; hopefully it will be more fun and less work.

Tonight I’m stopping by a friend’s housewarming party (also in the Southside), as well as hopefully stopping by the Creative Treehouse in Bellevue. iJustine is supposed to be there, so perhaps I’ll get to finally meet her. Either way, that’s near my old stomping grounds (well, where I grew up anyhow), so I like to see that interesting things are still taking root in those parts.

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