cough cough

Last night I got to see Michael Moore’s new documentary SiCKO for free at South Side Works. First let me say I think it’s ridiculous how strict they’ve become as far as pre-release viewings have become. Case in point, someone who walked in ahead of us was on the “guest list”, but could not take in a camera phone, which i’m sure could take a few seconds long clips smaller than my hand, omg! Further, the movie has already been leaked, so what’s the point? It was circulating in high quality on youtube the other day, so it’s not like it’s still “safe.”

Anyhow, I actually rather liked the film. It was biased and pointed, as his other films are, but the points raised were nothing if not disturbing. Knowing that so many other countries offer free healthcare without a second thought to the monetary aspect makes me feel like our country is either full of greedy pigs, or is just too stupid to realize they’re only a step away from becoming so.

Near the end of the film, there was a scene including some of the heroes of 9/11 meeting some firefighters from the tiny nation of Cuba. Being that my father was a firefighter, I have seen several instances where their brotherhood and intense bond was evident. The scene in this movie was extremely indicative of this, which makes me glad since those who put their lives on the line like that really should get more respect for what they do.

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