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where’s the fast-forward button?

so it’s late on a sunday night, and i’m as listless as ever. Sure, i did a few things today, but for the most part i was lazy today, which is kind of unfortunate. I was given the offer to spend some time practicing driving, which i passed on. I was given hours on end to do as i pleased, and i still haven’t worked on any of my website(s). I really need to find a new hobby, or maybe i just need to be more active in the ones i have. checking out twitter, facebook, aim, and my rss reader doesn’t really count as a hobby in my book..

At least I’ll be busy this upcoming week, as i need to begin the packing process for my apartment. hopefully it won’t be too bad. I really only have to pack up my computer and kitchen. Most of my possessions are ready to go as is (i think). Also, a new bonus is i have a real couch, so i can sleep on that the night before i move, instead of taking my bed apart the morning of a move, hooray! the other nice thing is my move date is flexible again. I just need to find a good day when friends and a moving truck can be had. I’m still shooting for the earlier the better. I’m hoping to have a small “concert series” in my old apartment, if i can find a way to arrange it. Any local Pittsburgh bands interested in playing a free/cheap show in the southside? inquire within.

The other item of interest is the Stanley Cup Final. Though the Penguins are down a game as of right now, I’m confident they’ll come out swinging tomorrow, and handily use home ice advantage to capture the 2 games in the burgh. I just wish i didn’t have to wait 2 days between each game (though i know as a player you really need a bit of rest when you’re playing at this level). I was tempted to head up to Detroit for tomorrow’s game with some friends, but it didn’t quite work out, so I’ll just have to hope i see some reasonably priced tickets for the home games and snatch some of those up later this week. Have a good holiday tomorrow, everyone.