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new spots

This past weekend I finally finished archiving the most of the contents of my MacBook Pro so I could install the new version of Mac OS X: 10.5 (Leopard). Overall the install went fine.. I opted to use the case-sensitive HFS on this go around. My first impressions are that the UI does look a little more polished and standardized now. Several of the settings dialogs have been revamped too. The networking settings for one are a lot more cohesive now. Though I have to chuckle, i feel like the settings are also growing to look more like the network settings found in older versions of windows. I must admit i haven’t played with all of the new features too much yet (spaces, time machine, etc).

As far as programming things go though, I am impressed by some of the following things: a new /etc.d/ way of creating a standard PATH variable across the system, the use of XQuartz (an eventually mainline version of X.org compatible with the mac) which attempts to init transparently for X apps, the newer terminal and XCode tools, and finally a nicer way to change your shell (since i’m a tcsh user). It’s also nice to see some applications deciding to use brand new frameworks in order to really enhance their quality.