locking in

So I finished two weeks of work. I actually committed a change late on friday (nevermind it didn’t change any programmatic behavior), so it’s like i’m a real developer again. I also got paid for my first week of work, so I can finally start paying my credit card back down. I kind of chose to let my debt grow (a lot) these past 2 months while I waited to start my new job. on the bright side, it looks like I might be able to pay it off before my promotional APR disappears.

I guess life is pretty much going ok. It’s nice to be able to get to know more people from work, and be able to hang out at fun places on the southside. I’ve been taking advantage of iTunes’ free tv shows, but I really really need to get an external harddrive so I can keep downloading, I can’t watch them fast enough to archive for more space. The apartment needs some stuff too, as well as some decorating. I guess I’ll just have to aim to get my credit card on its way back down while I spend whatever amount on the stuff I’ve been waiting a long time to get. Anyhow, I need to start getting ready for another night out, peace.

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